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United Marine Insurance is a dedicated marine insurance brokerage specialising in arranging all types of marine insurance for wide range of commercial marine applications including high end pleasure craft, charter boats, commercial work boats and related marine business; including ships and marine cargo.

In addition to the key types of marine insurance products and services listed of our home page, the following specialised marine insurance products and services are  also available from our firm:-

Boat Builders Risk Insurance
Carriers Insurance
Marina Operators Liability Insurance
Port Authority Insurance
Specie Insurance
Stevedores Liability Insurance
Regatta Organisers Liability Insurance

Boat Builders Risk Insurance

What Does it Cover: - Typically Boat Builders Insurance is an All Risk policy which covers the boat builder against loss of and/or damage to the boat they are building (and materials in their possession) if caused/occurring and discovered during the period of insurance.

An All Risk policy covers a wide range of events from accidental damage to shear negligence but, some polices available in the market don’t cover every aspect of foreseen possibility for a boat builder thus, it is vitally important to ensure that a boat builders insurance policy covers;

  1. latent defect and faulty design of the boat and/or any part or parts thereof; including the cost or expenses of repairing, modifying, replacing or renewing such part or parts and costs or expense of betterment or alteration in design;

  2. failure to launch; including all subsequent expenses incurred in completing the launch of the boat;

  3. Goods & materials in the boat builders care, custody and control which belong to others such as machinery and accessories delivered on account or purchased by third parties.

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Carriers Insurance

What Does it Cover: - Carriers insurance typically protects Freight Carriers from loss and/or damage to goods they carry, or while those goods are stored and in the Carrier’s care, custody and control.

Carriers Insurance is a fairly standard type of insurance cover generally restricted to road and rail transport however, it is important to ensure the policy is not restricted to just one jurisdiction or method of transport if the goods being carried are to be flown, or shipped offshore.

Depending on the complexity of the carrier’s business, a carrier’s policy can be a basic policy wording covering loss or damage due to specific events, or it can be issued as ‘Carriers Combined Load’ insurance which covers all combinations of Carriers insurance cover including legal liability for the goods carried as well as legal fees.

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Marina Operators' Liability Insurance

What Does it Cover: - Marina Operators' Liability Insurance typically provides cover to insure legal liabilities incurred as a result of damage caused to vessels in the operator's care, custody and control –and- for third party death or injury; including loss or damage to watercraft in the marina operator’s care, custody or control for repairs, alterations, storage, mooring at slips, spaces and buoys, hauling out or launching or for fuelling and miscellaneous services of a transient nature;

  1. including moving of vessels;
  2. third party property;
  3. third party death or personal injury;
  4. pollution risks;
  5. car park liability;
  6. premises risks;
  7. tenant’s liability.

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Port Authority Insurance

What Does it Cover: - Generally speaking, Port Authorities are potentially exposed to a wide variety of legal liabilities including liability for damage to ships, cargo or property belonging to third parties, as well as liability for death or bodily injury to third parties.

Underwriters typically provide cover against such eventualities and the associated legal costs, with two policy wordings designed to match the type and size of any given authority’s operations.

BASIC PORT AUTHORITIES' LIABILITY RISKS will usually claims resulting from

  1. damage to ships or other property belonging to a customer and/or visiting vessel;
  2. damage to cargo, including miss-direction and/or wrongful delivery or delay;
  3. third party property damage;
  4. death or bodily injury to third parties;
  5. removal of wrecks and debris.

FOR LARGER PORTS where international shipping is the main focus of operation it is imperative to ensure that the following additional cover is put in place:-

  1. passenger terminals;
  2. bunkering and/or fuelling services;
  3. pilotage;
  4. ships agency;
  5. navigational aids;
  6. berthing risks;
  7. and; liability arising from additional activities undertaken by a port authority which can  be negotiated on a case by case basis;

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Specie Insurance

What Does it Cover: - Specie insurance is essentially a specialised ‘Freight & Transit’ insurance product designed to cover non-typical but, high value risks such as;

  1. cash;
  2. fine art and Jewellery;
  3. and, general specie.

General Specie is a 'catch all' area for risks that do not fit in to another classification within the portfolio, i.e. it is not cash, fine art or jewellery but, is of a high value. Typically, this specialised area of insurance is used by banks, jewellery producers & dealers, precious metal miners & refiners and manufacturers that use precious metals in their manufacturing processes.

Specie insurance isn’t just limited to high end commercial clients, it’s also available to museums, private collections and exhibitions which may otherwise be inadequately insured under traditional freight and transit covers that may infact exclude some items that specie insurance is designed to cover.

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Stevedores Liability Insurance

What Does it Cover: -  In respect to some similarity with ‘Port Authorities Insurance’ this insurance provides protection for a Stevedores interests, typically against legal liabilities incurred for damage caused to vessels, to cargo being handled, to property (buildings, wharves etc.) or for third party death or injury resulting from the stevedore’s negligence.

Paramount to a stevedore’s necessary insurance cover is to ensure the following occurrences are included in the policy;

  1. cargo lost, damaged, misdirected, delayed or wrongfully delivered;
  2. ships lost or damaged; (as a result of)
  3. third party property;
  4. loss of life or bodily injury;
  5. legal defense costs arising out of your cargo handling activities.

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Regatta Liability Insurance for Organisers - also known as Race Organisers Insurance
[Organizers US]

Definition: ‘Regatta’ - For insurance purposes, the word regatta is the term used to describe a marine related competition, race or organised boating gathering; it can be many things for example, a boat race, or series of boat races, sailing competitions, boating endurance competitions and fishing boat competitions etc’

What Does it Cover: - Regatta liability Insurance protects the organisers of a regatta or [competition] against law suits arising from bodily injury [and property damage] caused to a regatta participant – if the cause of the injury/loss is a result of the organisers negligence.

Hosting a regatta entails a unique set of responsibilities. Regatta Liability Insurance for organisers provides  the kind of specialised coverage an organising committee or club committee needs to have against lawsuits brought by anyone injured during a regatta - participants and spectators alike.

Regatta liability insurance is often misunderstood, and overlooked by clubs, their committees and event (regatta) organisers who often don’t realize the difference/separation of insurance cover from ordinary club activities to that of organising and running a regatta – until it’s too late.

The Sydney to Hobart yacht race was a prime example; click here to read more about the 1988 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Disaster

A regatta liability policy should protect the organisers of the regatta and those persons running the regatta including club members, employees, volunteers and the club itself both for Bodily Injury and Property Damage lawsuits.
Note: The cover will often exclude liquor liability claims and a separate additional cover or endorsement to the insurance policy might need to be arranged.

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With access to local and international marine insurance companies we can ensure clients of a fast and efficient service on the best available terms – simply contact us for more information –or- a no obligation quote concerning any of the marine insurance products and services listed above.

If you haven’t found the type of marine insurance product you are looking for please contact us so we can help you find the right insurance product for your requirements or, if necessary tailor a marine insurance solution for you.Contact us

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