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Good Reasons to appoint United Marine Insurance as your Managing Broker

Appointing United Marine Insurance managing broker for your marine insurance requirements will cost you nothing and besides, there's no binding contract, just a letter of appointment which you can cancel at any time.

On the other hand, appointing United Marine Insurance as your managing broker will make insurance companies sit up and listen because they'll know you're serious about getting the best deal available, they will know we'll approach all suitable insurers on your behalf, some of which who wont otherwise deal directly with the public and others who will only deal with a selective few marine insurance brokers, such as our firm.

In many respects, shopping around yourself each year in search of the best rates can put you at a disadvantage because some insurance companies won't think it worthwhile going to any effort to quote you anything other than off the rack retail prices and products - it's just not worth their while.

Being part of a much bigger collective of marine interests holds the key to getting their undivided attention because they know, that to get a look at the rest of our customers business; they will have to look after you - the same goes for claims when we phone a claims manager expressing our dissatisfaction concerning a client's claim, things happen fast.

Insurance companies hate not having the upper hand; being at the mercy of policyholders - but they have to accept the reality when you're part of group who demands service and respect.

Take control of your marine insurance to ensure you get the best policy cover and prices from a much larger market that you could obtain on your own, by appointing United Marine Insurance as you managing broker.

We're your partner, not the insurance company's partner

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