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Pay Your Marine Insurance Premiums by Monthly Installments

Welcome to United Marine Insurance – Marine Premium Funding Information Centre

Have you ever wondered why you pay for your insurance annually in advance when other major expenses are paid for as you use them?

Think business, salaries, rent, leases, light and power, fuel; the list goes on.....

Marine insurance premium finance [also called premium funding] smoothes the cost of your insurance by enabling you to pay your marine insurance premiums in regular monthly installments throughout the policy period [usually 12 months]; and usually at a very competitive rate of interest.

The benefits of funding your marine insurance premium are many for instance here are just a few of the reasons why insurance premium finance continues to grow in popularity:

  1. Most importantly you don’t have to pay your marine insurance premium as an upfront lump sum;

  2. Premium funding is readily available for most marine insurance requirements, from pleasure boats to commercial vessels, no matter how big or small;

  3. Your cash flow is improved leaving your unused capital free to be reinvested elsewhere;
    [maybe get a bigger boat]

  4. Marine insurance premium finance is set at a fixed rate for the period of the insurance contract;
    [ie, fixed rate/fixed term]

  5. Usually, there’s no need for a deposit, as security is generally afforded by the unexpired portion of the policy;

  6. The interest on the premium finance contract may be tax deductible; [check with your accountant]

  7. Premiums are paid in full to insurers by the funder and your monthly installments are conveniently deducted via direct debit;

  8. Best of all, it’s easy with no unnecessary credit checks, just single page documentation in an easy to understand format and; you won’t usually have to pay anything upfront, because a signed debit authority will usually do.

How:- The United Marine Insurance team of professionals has access to a variety of premium finance companies with which we can coordinate the issuance of insurance cover with the premium funding arrangements – our service is  free of any extra charges because, we’re paid a small fee by the funder; not you the client.

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