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Type of Vessel:
Vessel's Home Port:
Country:   State:
Vessel's Name:
Builders Name:
  Date Built: Place Built:
When did you
purchase the Vessel:
Is the Vessel primarily used
for Professional Fishing:
Yes     No
  Please give brief details:
Does the Vessel regularly operate more than 50 miles offshore? Yes     No
  If Yes, please give brief details:
Is the Vessel in
Commercial Survey:
Yes      No
If Yes, what is the vessel's Commercial Classification
Do you have a Hull
Condition Report:
Yes      No
If Yes, what is the vessel's value:  
What is the Date of the Report::
If possible please attach a copy
of the Report:
Is the Vessel classed
with a Classification Society?
Yes     No
Name of Society:
Length:   Beam:      
Draft:   Tonnage GRT:      
Primary Propulsion: Power      Sail      Other
Engine(s) Type:
Single   Twin   Other
Inboard   Outboard   Other
Diesel   Petrol   Other
Single   Multi   Other
Fibreglass   Timber   Steel/Alloy
Composite   Other
Hull Type:
Hull Construction:
Do You Require: Insurance for the Vessel:
(means the hull, superstructure
engines & all fittings and equipment)
Yes   No    
How much would you like to
Insure the Vessel for:
Do You Require: Insurance for Third Party Liability: Yes   No  
How much Third Party Liability
cover do you require:


Has the Vessel Owner had any Marine related Accidents,
Incidents or Claims:
Yes No    
or been prosecuted for breaches of Marine Navigation Law
or similar Maritime Laws:
Yes No    
If Yes to any of the questions above, please give details:
Has the Owner or the Person requesting the quote ever: -        
  a) been refused insurance: Yes No  
  b) had an insurance claim of any type refused or reduced: Yes No    
  c) been charged with a crime of any type: Yes No    
If Yes to any of the questions above, please give details:


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